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Watch Orange is the New Black Online FreeWatch Orange Is the New Black Online at ‘Orange is the new black’ is a the perfect mix of laughs and tears as you follow the story of a thirty-something years old woman arrested and convicted for transporting drug obtained money for her former girlfriend, an international drug smuggler. Piper Chapman (flawlessly portrayed by Taylor Schilling) is sentenced to fifteen months in prison ten years after the incident happened. This is where the story starts. Through the sentence the audience will be guided around the lives of the inmates and the people working in the prison, the shocking realities happening inside the walls of the facility. Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) is the woman that got Piper in trouble; coming from a poor family with her mother working various jobs to earn a living and her washed-up rock star father, Alex had quite a troubled childhood, mixing up with a drug cartel. Miss Claudette is Piper’s roommate and she’s a feared inmate around the prison. She was accused of running an illegal immigration and child-labour cleaning service, the very one she worked for when she was a child. “Red” Reznikov is in charge with the prison’s kitchen and she’s also the one that probably knows everything that is moving inside the place as she appears with a motherly figure over the group. And there’s also Sam Healy, the correctional officer that will make Piper’s sentence a lot harder even if he claims to understand her and her situation. This story is original, well written, perfectly acted and one of the most appreciated series of the year. Orange is the New Black Online Streaming

Release date: 11 July 2013 (USA)
Comedy, Crime
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